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Smoke Show| Fire Act

"Biiiiitch!"  - audience member


A glamorous fire show with a smoking start and an explosive conclusion.  

Pussy Whipped | Whip Cracking


​​A n exciting and unique take on rhythmic and trick whip cracking. 

Sword Balance | Strip Tease


A unique and exciting take on sideshow. Jacqueline performs a mesmerising strip tease with a jungle-esque feel while balancing a huge sword atop her head. This act is great for circus themed events.

Fire Eating | Strip Tease


A devilishly delightful burlesque fire show featuring fire eating and fire fleshing. This moody, sultry act will have you on the edge of your seat - they don't call Jacqueline 'The Human Heatwave' for nothing!​ Jacqueline uses two small fire eating wands meaning that the flames are relatively small and easily contained - perfect for indoor events as well as outdoor! Jacqueline can also perform her fire act roving or in club settings.

Sword Walking | Sideshow Striptease


A burlesque spin on a sideshow classic. Jacqueline teases her way out of a glamorous gown and walks barefoot up a staircase of swords. Add some danger and intrigue to your event with this beautiful and bizarre act!

Jacqueline Rabbit | Magic Striptease


Cheesy magic meets cheeky striptease in this high energy act which sees Jacqueline pull a playboy bunny out of a hat! Adored by audiences across Australia and Europe, this is one of Jacqueline's most requested shows. Perfect for corporate events!

Smoke Show | Fire Act
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