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Come on a noir adventure of old world glamour; both beautiful and bizarre. Brisbane burlesque queen and international sideshow showgirl Jacqueline Furey brings you her first ever full length show that posits - When being femme can bet fatal, whats left to fear? 

Performing potentially life threatening acts with her signature elegance and sass, this wicked woman is not for the faint of heart - or stomach. You’ll be tantalised and terrorised if you dare to peep the spectacle that is a fire eating, whip cracking, sword swallowing stripteaser... with a microphone! 

Furey is the definition of a dangerous dame, putting her beautiful body in peril to prove a point. Will she survive? Will she make it? Do we care? Whatever the outcome… You’ll be thoroughly entertained.  




Furey is undoubtably an exceptionally talented performer - exhibiting mastery of her unique blend of tease, circus performance and comedic timing - but this is a show that delivers more than just mutually titillating shock.  

- Gutter Culture 

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