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Sexy, Strange+ Dangerous



This heart stopping duo specialize in one of the circus’ most dangerous acts – knife throwing, with a human target.

But they don’t stop there – this verified sideshow thrill ride will have audiences on the edge of their seats with sword swallowing, escapology, whip cracking, fire eating and much more. 

It takes a special kind of madness to perform stunts like these, but Jacqueline Furey and Captain Ruin – renowned purveyors of the beautiful and bizarre - showcase these traditional art forms with style and flair, making for an unforgettable high-class experience that’s perfect for any large event.

Sexy, strange and downright dangerous – step right up to the Furey and Ruin Stunt Show for the time of your life! 


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Strip-teaser, crowd pleaser, human heatwave. 

Jacqueline Furey is a purveyor of the beautiful and bizarre; known for her unique brand of glamorous eroticism.

As a fan dancer, fire eater, sword swallower, whip cracker and cabaret host she graces stages from high class corporate functions to some of the worlds largest fringe festivals. 

Most recently Jacqueline has debuted her full first full length solo show ‘Fatale’ to sold out audiences and rave reviews. 

Dubbed by critics as comparable to a classic Mae West meets Dita Von Teese, Furey certainly lives up to her title of “Human Heatwave” and never fails to deliver captivating and unforgettable performances.

Captain Ruin is a punk rock daredevil who specialises in death defying escapes, pain proof sideshow stunts, knife-throwing, dynamic event hosting and the acrobatic circus arts. His silver tongue, golden smile and tattooed skin have taken him to stages around the world, including starring roles with Circus Oz (Aus, Germany, Spain), Snuff Puppets (Aus, Brazil, Taiwan) and hosting the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Music Festival (UK).

Known for his love of adventure and mischief, the outrageous antics of this professional unusualist have to be seen to be believed! 

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