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A collection of art nudes and journal entries with almost 50 pages of gorgeous images shot by KTB and words torn straight from Jacqueline's private diaries. DAMSEL is sure to be one hell of a show.


Styled and written by Jacqueline Furey, photographed by KTB and

assisted by Ginger Tonic.


This digital download is a stunning Ebook in PDF format, optimised for mobile devices.


CONTENT WARNING nudity, bondage and restraint, discussions of sex, toxic dynamics, greif and violence.


NB By purchasing this download you agree not to share or reproduce the content in any digital or physical mediums for any reasons, personal, commercial, print or other.


"A couple of years ago I started writing things down.

It felt like a modicum of control in a completely out of control world.

I wrote a lot about love. Love in the out of control sense.

The type of love that pushes and pulls you from stability, that sees safety as boredom.

The hedonistic, impulsive and all consuming love we were raised to believe was the only kind.

The type of love I no longer seek.


In my twenties, I looked around and supposed it was completely normal to be bound to the person who loved me, that I should be grateful to be held so tightly that my hands go numb, and that I should do the same.

Now that the feeling returned to my fingers, I thought I would share some of the words I wrote then.


Some words furiously typed in my notes app, some painstakingly arranged and rearranged in too-long text messages, some barely legibly scrawled in a thick red notebook with no lines. All exactly as I found them.


- Jacqueline"

  • File Format

    High quality Ebook in PDF format.

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