Wigs for lazy ladies, styled by the sleepy showgirl herself.



Sleepy showgirl styling is based in Meanjin/Brisbane and is run by the sleepy showgirl herself, Jacqueline Furey (because everyone needs a side hustle!)

Due to her intense touring, titty shaking and napping schedules, Jacqueline is only available to create for Sleepy Showgirl sporadically, but strives to get as much great hair out into the world as possible. Sleepy Showgirl no longer offers custom wig styling, but releases limited pre-styled wigs in small collections throughout the year.

Sleepy Showgirl specialises in large, lush clip in ponytails for burlesque performers and pinups, as well as natural looking vintage waves and wigs for both shoots and stage. 



Jacqueline Furey

Director, Stylist, Media Manager, Administrator & sleepy sleepy girl.



The infamous Sleepy Showgirl ponies have become a staple accessory for burlesque showgirls across the country.

Keep an eye out on the @sleepy.showgirl.styling Instagram page and turn on story notifications to see when orders open. Due to high demand and limited spots available for each run, places usually fill within an hour or two. 


To avoid disappointment you can send a direct message to Sleepy Showgirl and ask to be added to the waitlist. 

Ponies retail for $160 +postage and come with pony padding for extra height, special brush to keep them tame and a link to an instructional video on how to wear and care for your pony!

Please note that to wear a pony, your natural hair must be long enough to pull into a secure ponytail.



shot by Joel Devereux



shot by Lauren Horwood



shot by Joel Devereux 



shot by Joel Devereux


Sleepy Showgirl is no longer offering custom wig styling, but will be releasing small, exclusive collections of pre styled lace front wigs for sale through instagram instead.

Keep an eye out on the @sleepy.showgirl.styling Instagram page and turn on story notifications to see countdowns to collection and listings. Sales are direct deposit only, no holds or split payment

Wigs start at $240 +postage and feature authentic vintage horseshoe cuts for easy restyling. Wigs are styled with high quality setting lotion to ensure a good hold for curls without sacrificing natural bounce and movement.


long pageboy style


short pageboy style


long fluff curl with bettie bangs


For orders, waitlist, new collections and general enquires, please send a direct message to the @sleepy.showgirl.styling Instagram page.

The sleepy showgirl will reply to you as soon as she finishes her nap.